There is NO PLAN B

When you invest in your spiritual growth and development, it is important to stretch yourself and set your intention.

When we stretch ourselves, we lean into the faith that the actions we are taking are going to work. It requires a greater energy exchange from us.

Then it is about intending and making the decision that it is going to work. There is no plan B, no other option than this thing that we are stretching ourselves to invest our most precious resources into will help us get the results we desire.

If you are going into a program without those things, do not make the investment.

If you are not stretching yourself-
If that stretch is not requiring a greater exchange of energy-
If that stretch is not requiring you to lean in on faith and belief-
If you are not going into the program with the intention that there is no other option than radical transformation-

-it is not going to work.

How will your life change when you fully realize the power of your belief and intention?