This Mercury Retrograde is like Spending Three Weeks with a Narcissist

I liken this Mercury Retrograde to spending three weeks with a narcissist. It is basically going to be universal narcissism for three weeks. You are just going to see people being aggressive and not willing to take accountability for stuff they have done.

People are going to come off as really overly arrogant. It is going to appear that most people could give two fucks about your feelings, partially because people are wrapped up in their own shit, and they are not going to have time for yours.

Then there is going to be a huge tendency to gossip. We are all guilty of that. We all do it. Now is an opportunity to make sure you are NOT doing that. The universal energy is such that even doing a little bit of that could really come back and bite you in the ass.

It is a huge time of disillusionment. That’s another thing that comes along with Pisces- this overall feeling of disillusionment. It can cause heavy paranoia, which can cause a fair amount of anxiety.

During this time, you really cannot slack on your personal practices. Whatever it is that makes you feel calm and grounded and centered, you need to be doing that daily during this Mercury Retrograde.

You are going to be highly sensitive to things like sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Do not overindulge on those things. I am not saying to not have caffeine or sugar. Just do not overindulge because you will pay for it.

Take care of yourself. Journaling should be part of it; if you are not journaling every day, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. When I am doing the best, making the most money, when I am the most aligned, is when I am journaling every day.

What practices are you committing to in order to make this Mercury Retrograde smoother for you?