Those Who Seem to Have Financial Freedom Probably DON’T

The majority of the money coaches out there who talk about financial freedom have no idea what that is.

They think that because they are driving three Mercedes, are living in an enormous house, and are making a lot of money, that they have achieved financial freedom.

Many are still stuck in financial slavery consciousness. They are just not aware of it.

The program is such that not many people can achieve what these people have achieved, so they feel like they have achieved freedom because the majority of us are stuck inside our caste/class system.

The people who are in control of the global economy do not want you moving too far outside of your current class because it does not work to support the overall structure.

It is okay if one or two get out. But if the masses begin doing it, that is a problem for the elite.

Do you desire to move out of your current class? Why or why not?