Today my QUEEN started her REIGN

Today I crowned myself on a beach. It was not the first time I placed a crown upon my head, but this time it was different.

Symbolic. An initiation.

I have been contemplating my relationship with my inner QUEEN for the past few weeks, and in reflecting and getting reflection, I have felt like she was there, like she was integrated and stable. I then questioned if it was my inner KING that needed development. I settled on deciding to keep working on maturing my inner masculine.

But it didn’t feel quite right. Something was still missing.

Today on the beach it became clear. My QUEEN was there, she has been there, but she had not been fully acknowledged, and she has not ever been completely allowed to reign.

So today I was initiated to my own divinity. Today I fully owned my royalty. Today my QUEEN started her REIGN.

And all the while my husband watched on, in the wings, silently supportive and stoically present. Holding space for me and my dreams and my visions. He is always there, standing in support of even the smallest of my intentions. And today my heart was filled with gratitude, and my eyes finally saw him for what he is…MY KING. The past two days have activated something new in me and in how I see our relationship.

TOGETHER we weave the threads of this dream we live together. Today I felt us claim our thrones.

Something is dropping in. It’s not quite here yet, but our joint creation magic is almost ready to be shared with the world. I can’t wait. It feels EPICALLY CREATIVE, MYSTERIOUS and POWERFUL.

For now, I am meeting life from this moment on with a new perspective. A new level of worthiness and deserving. Curiosity about all that life is activating in me and showing me. A realization that my purpose and the reason I am on this planet is so much bigger than I ever could have imagined. Even more significant than I can STILL imagine.

I shed any remaining attachment to playing smaller than I am. I discard the last bits of the Princess Archetype and step fully into my authority as QUEEN.

I EMERGE again as the next level version of myself. I own my ROYALTY. I accept my REIGN. I claim my THRONE.

I’m opening up applications for my high-level mastermind Emergence. My private clients that work with me at this level embody all of the energetic vibrations of this post. They join this mastermind because they feel a calling. This work is about vibration and frequency, activation and transmission. It is about owning the very best version of yourself in all areas. It is about business and creating financial abundance through intention, belief and inspired action.

Are you called? Are you ready to claim your throne? Are you ready to EMERGE?

Epic Photo by Bea Maz