We Get to Choose What We are Calling in

I feel like every time my income uplevels, I have a couple of months of substantial expenses. Then it sort of evens out again.

It is easy to get into that position where we make more money, then invest more money, and the next thing we know, we are not profiting more.

In the beginning, when your business is growing, it is normal to be riding that edge, but you want to get it to a point where overhead plateaus and income continues to rise.

As you are growing, you want to invest in your business because you are on a growth trajectory.

But it is also important as you are investing that you are clear that you do not want to have less than x amount in your bank account.

Recently, when I was journaling, I went back to the realization that ultimately we are in control of it all.

Ultimately, we get to choose what we are calling in and creating in our lives.

What is the next investment you desire to make in yourself or your business? What will that get you?