We Need All Hands on Deck

Are you content sharing your message and doing your purpose work on a small scale?

If so…that’s great. We need all hands on deck no matter how much impact they create.

But if you are feeling satisfied with your impact and with your message and with your purpose work there is no need to read the rest of this.

This message is for those of you who are unsettled, frustrated, disappointed and even doubting.

It’s for those of you that know you are meant to make bigger impact. Who know that you are meant to impact millions.

But you also know it’s not just about impact. Impact is so SMALL.

It’s about changing reality. It’s about the actual ascension of ALL of the beings on this planet.

You already know.

You already KNOW if you have that calling.

You haven’t told anyone because you think you will seem arrogant. Or you don’t want them to feel like you think you are better than them. Or you simply think they will think you are crazy.

YOU probably think you are crazy and delusional most of the time.

You aren’t. You ARE special. And your mission IS more important than theirs.

Because the fate of the PLANET is your mission.

So you can keep hiding behind your coaching practice or your energy work practice or your healing practice. You can keep being the one grain of rice in the rice field. But you and I BOTH know you are fucking hiding.

How do I know? Because I was hiding. And I almost got away with that shit. My business keeps expanding and I have been making really great money. And I could have kept right along on that path helping people deconstruct their limiting beliefs and patterning around money. I would have made an impact. Maybe even one whole rice field’s worth of impact.

ONE FUCKING RICE FIELD!?!? On this enormous planet!?!? (I’m in Bali…don’t judge the metaphors.)

Oh my GOD I have been playing so small.

I have known my whole life I was here for something enormous.

And if you are still reading this you do too.

And it’s okay if you don’t know what it is or how you are going to do it. And it’s okay if you have been thinking about quitting.

You don’t need to know right now. And you aren’t going to quit. I’m here to be your lighthouse.