Wealth Alchemy

2020 is the year of wealth alchemy. What has been downloaded to me is that everyone can create wealth alchemy.

The first thing to do is to get your financial house in order. This has been coming through clearly to me for about the last four months.

I have been feeling a huge sense of urgency around getting the financial house in order.

I have been doing a lot of planning and reflection and deep-diving into how I want to end 2020.

Alchemy, in this sense, does not happen overnight. We have to know what we are doing. We have to have the appropriate components. We have to know how we want the transmutation to go.

I felt this real sense of urgency over the last few months about getting my financial house in order. What that has looked like is getting plans in place for paying off outstanding debt, and getting clear on where my money is going.

About every 90 days or so, I will go through my bank statements and make sure there are not any money leaks anywhere.

The first quarter of this year, I am making it so much tighter. I want to know where every penny of my money is going.

We are being called to step into a whole other level of custodianship when it comes to wealth in our lives. Part of that is knowing exactly what your financial situation is and where your money is going.

Do you know where every penny of your money is going? If not, what are you going to start doing to find out?