Wealth Forecast- April 12th-18th

CARD OF THE WEEK: Eight of Wands, reversed

This is the card of things not moving forward as quickly as we would like. So expect some delays this week!

How are you going to spend your time as you wait for all the things to come to fruition?

April 12th- Justice, reversed 

Today, we have an incredible New Moon in Aries. This is a manifesting Moon, with some fresh start energy. This Moon is ALL about leadership, moving forward, and working on new projects.

This card indicates to me in light of the New Moon that if your new projects and opportunities involve contracts, you need to be very careful in the signing of them. Justice, reversed almost always represents contracts need to be revisited. It can also indicate that we need to be careful we are not being taken advantage of.   

Make sure today that anything contractual, anything that has to do with court systems or contracts- just make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. Just be very prepared for that. 

This is not a negative thing; it is just a reminder to be careful.

April 13th- High Priestess, reversed

This is another warning card. This is a warning and reminder for us to listen to our intuition. We also pulled this card last month, so we really need to PAY ATTENTION. As a collective, we are not tapping into that individual power of intuition that each and every one of us has. It is SO important to do so because that is how we actually transform our lives! 

So pay attention to your intuition and TRUST IT!

April 14th- Two of Wands 

This is the card of long-term partnership. Things may not be moving as quickly as we would like this week, which is the Eight of Wands energy, reversed, but we have opportunities for long-term partnership presenting themselves this week. 

April 15th- Six of Swords 

This is the card of moving to higher ground. It can also indicate trips across water, so we might see borders opening up and some shifts happening around people’s access to travel. So that’s good. Obviously, we really like that. We want more of that!

April 16th- Knight of Cups, reversed

Knights are our messengers. The Knight of Cups brings offers of love. Reversed, that means we are not quite receiving the offer of love that we
 would like on that day.

April 17th- Ace of Pentacles 

This is one of the highest money cards in the deck, bringing messages of new and very lucrative financial opportunities. I am always happy when we get one of those in the month!

Be on the lookout for new financial opportunities making their way to you!

April 18th- Knight of Wands

This is our messenger who brings messages about purpose and passion projects. At the very beginning of the month, we had our Page of Wands. We were sowing the seeds for a Holy Grail opportunity. 

Well, here comes the messenger, bringing messages about passion projects!

Photo Credit: Robin Wood