Wealth Forecast April 19th-25th

CARD OF THE WEEK- April 19th-25th: The Hanged Man, reversed

This card is about getting unstuck. We have been feeling things not moving as quickly as we would like, causing us to feel a bit stuck. But this is the week we get unstuck!

April 19th- The Fool

Now is the time to take the leap. Things were moving slowly last week. For example, we had our Holy Grail opportunity reversed at the beginning of the month.

But NOW we are getting the signal to take the leap. This is the card of a full YES. Whatever’s happening today, it’s a yes!


April 20th– The Hermit

This is the card of the spiritual teacher/guru. But it is also a reminder that we have all of the answers inside of us. This card may either mean for you to seek external spiritual counsel or to find the answers within.Β 

This card is spiritual in nature. Know that you are spiritually supported and taken care of atΒ any time when this card shows up, especially in an upright position.


April 21st- Ten of Pentacles

This is the highest money card in the deck. In my opinion, this is even higher than the King! This is the inheritance card, the card of large sums of money coming in, the card of the family being fully financially supported.

Take time to celebrate your abundance today!

April 22nd

April 22nd- Five of Cups, reversed

This is the pity party card. I ONLY like pulling this card when it is reversed because it means more is going right than wrong. When it’s right side up, it is that we are crying over spilled milk. We are feeling sorry for ourselves.

Reversed, it is in a great position! More is going right than going wrong.


April 23rd- Ace of Wands

This is a new purpose work opportunity coming in.


April 24th- Judgement

The Phoenix rising from the ashes moment is happening today! Now we are getting ready to move into this energy that gets a little bit sticky at this point.

Take into account this has been a really good monthly reading as you are rising from those ashes!


April 25th- Nine of Pentacles

This card is always representative of complete and total female financial independence. This is such a great place to be as we start to move into a little bit of the stickiness of the month.