Wealth Forecast: April 26th-30th

CARD OF THE WEEK- April 26th-30th: Page of Pentacles, reversed

This Page is our Money Messenger, who is sowing seeds for new financial opportunities. Reversed, this card means that those opportunities are coming delayed.

My intuition is saying those opportunities will come to fruition later in the year; we are probably looking at third or fourth quarter.

April 26th- The Devil

The Devil card is all about shedding the ties that bind, shedding your self-imposed chains. It can also indicate programming and conditioning that is ready to fall away, past life stuff that it is time to heal, and old wounds needing to be healed; this is all stuff that corresponds to what is happening astrologically at this time.

The Devil card gets a bad rap, but I think it is so positive because it means that we are ready to move through things and make transitions.

April 27th- The World, reversed

This card indicates that we are not quite feeling whole. We don’t feel whole. That is not surprising considering the energy of the end of the month!

April 28th- Death, reversed

We had The Devil and The World cards this week. In light of those cards, Death reversed means that the processing and shedding of old identities are not over yet! There is a lot of stuff happening astrologically this week.

No one is dying, but the issues we are working through are not quite over yet. We are still in the middle of the process regarding them.

April 29th- Ace of Swords

We have pulled every Ace in the deck. This has been such a powerful month for us!

This is the card of communication, speaking our truth, being clear and concise in communication, and communication going our way.

April 30th- Knight of Swords, reversed

Bullshit is being revealed today. It also indicates that if you are dealing with somebody and are worried that they are bullshitting you, they aren’t.

If this card were upright, I would say to worry about someone not telling you the truth. Reversed, it is the truth and bullshit being revealed. That is what is happening here in this final card of the month.

What seeds are you planting this week?