Wealth Forecast: June 14th-20th

CARD OF THE WEEK: June 14th-20th- The Hanged Man.
We are still in Mercury retrograde, so calm your tits. Stop trying to push through. You are not stuck in a tree, but this card is confirming that you need to continue to hold during this week. 

JUNE 14: The Star, reversed
The Star card ALWAYS means the heavens are working in our favor, even when reversed. Even when we do not think they are, the heavens are working for us. Reversed, this card just means we are not feeling aligned so we feel like things are not working out for us.

JUNE 15: Knight of Swords.
This is a messenger of bullshit. This card lets us know that somebody is attempting to deceive us. This feels like something major in the global landscape. It is lies and deception being revealed.

Today, and ALWAYS, keep your eyes open. Stay in that constant state of curiosity, and trust yourself. Trust your inner knowing. Trust your intuition.

JUNE 16: Five of Swords.
This is the card of winning the war. In the card, you can see the man is still having angst and anxiety because he’s still looking over his shoulder. The two people he has fought are walking away. He has even captured their swords. He has won the war, but he is still looking over his shoulder.

We are in this war for humanity now. We do not feel like we can trust we have won and all is well. We need to keep looking over our shoulder, being diligent in our thoughts and actions. We still need to be embracing our sovereignty and not trusting everything that is being told to us.

JUNE 17: Queen of Swords, reversed.
Mercury is getting ready to go direct and is giving its last hurrah of communication fuckery. This card is a warning that we are not standing in our power. We are not standing in our truth. We are not clearly communicating the things that we desire. It is a warning not to give your power away. It is a reminder to communicate clearly and concisely. Make sure that you have the best interest of the people around you at heart and that you are communicating especially for those that cannot communicate for themselves.

JUNE 18: The Moon, reversed.
This is the card of secrets being revealed. We are going to be seeing some heavy stuff. As Jupiter goes into retrograde, be prepared for more rules and restrictions. The battle for humanity is happening and a new power play is happening.

So make sure you are questioning the status quo!

JUNE 19: Wheel of Fortune, reversed.
We are feeling like the wheel of fortune is not turned in our favor. The good news is that this is just our perception. The Wheel of Fortune is always turning so it eventually always turns back in our favor!

JUNE 20: Eight of Swords, reversed.
When this card is upright, it is about feeling stuck, trapped, and bound. Reversed, this means we are able to actually see how our own perceptions and projections have been keeping us bound. It is time to let those perceptions go. Our eyes are being opened and we are seeing how we have allowed ourselves to be bound; we are ready to step out of that place.

How are you moving forward this week?

Photo Credit: Robin Wood