Wealth Forecast: June 1st-6th

CARD OF THE MONTH: Nine of Cups, reversed

This is the card of getting your wish, but it is happening delayed. We are creating what we desire between now and the 29th. All the important things are happening this month that are affecting your ability to manifest and create your desires over the next several months. 


CARD OF THE WEEK: June 1st-6th- Knight of Pentacles, reversed

This Knight is a messenger that brings news of money. He is the only knight that ALWAYS reaches and achieves his destination no matter what happens. Those messages are coming delayed this week.

JUNE 1: Seven of Pentacles-
This is the card of a return on investment and that is coming today.

JUNE 2: Judgment, reversed-
We’re not quite ready to have our phoenix rising from the ashes moment. This moment is delayed. Whatever you were trying to have happen in your favor, it is happening delayed. 

JUNE 3: The Sun-
Things are all right with the world, particularly the children.

JUNE 4: Six of Swords-
This is the card of moving to higher ground. That’s where we’re headed today!

JUNE 5: Eight of Pentacles, reversed-
Reward is coming and we do not even have to work hard for it! Money is coming and it is not going to be hard. We do not have to put in the heavy work to get the return on investment that Tuesday’s card indicated.

JUNE 6: Two of Swords-
This is about needing to come into balance. This card represents the duality that comes with all of this Gemini energy. This is about embracing our immortality and mortality, humanity, and divinity. There are decisions that need to be made. But in those decisions, we need to find balance.

What decisions need to be made this week?

Photo Credit: Robin Wood