Wealth Forecast: June 21st-30th

CARD OF THE WEEK: June 21st-27th- Eight of Cups, reversed.
Upright, this card is telling you to walk away without regret. Reversed, it is saying this is not the time to walk away. There may be things you want to walk away from and that you are discouraged about. This is not the week to walk away from those things. If you do, you will regret it. 

JUNE 21: Knight of Wands, reversed.
We are moving into a period where we are feeling restrictions. We are not getting the messages around our purpose work and our passions that we desire to receive. 

JUNE 22: Knight of Cups.
This is an offer of love. This Knight is the messenger of love and emotions. Passion projects may not be going the way we want them to, but we are receiving an offer of love and we are moving into the Full Moon’s manifesting energy. 

JUNE 23: Seven of Swords, reversed.
This is the card of feeling cheated, when upright. Reversed, it means that we are not feeling cheated. We are moving out of the energy of the previous week not feeling cheated. Rather, we are feeling informed, especially if we have done a good job of questioning everything and staying in that state of curiosity!

JUNE 24: Two of Pentacles.
We have entered the Full Moon in Capricorn energy. This is all about discipline and career and work. This Moon is great for manifesting. This card is urging us to look at the things that we are juggling when it comes to work and finances. Whether you are choosing to juggle those things or letting go of something your are juggling, you are supported in doing whatever’s in the highest and best good for you and in the highest alignment for you.

Take advantage of this manifesting Full Moon when it comes to career and work.

JUNE 25: Two of Cups.
This is the soulmate card, meaning that soulmate activity is happening today. This means you can depend on your soulmate. You may meet your soulmate. That is the energy of today!

JUNE 26: Six of Wands, reversed.
This is the card of feeling victorious, but it is reversed. So we are not feeling very victorious today. 

JUNE27: The World, reversed.
We are coming off the heels of Neptune going retrograde in Pisces. The world is upside down. We are seeing new power plays and new lockdowns and restrictions.

JUNE 28: The Emperor.
This is the card of leading with love. This is great news for us, as we may start seeing a shift in some of our leaders. We may start seeing them go into a more heart-centered place. This is also a call to all of YOU to lead with love! 

JUNE 29: Strength, reversed.
We’re not feeling strong. We are not feeling at our best today. There is a lot of frustrating stuff coming at us right now. Remember, you always have the strength you need. When it shows up reversed, you just do not feel like you do. 

JUNE 30: Four of Pentacles, reversed.
Upright, this card is the miser gripping his investment. Reversed, this card means it is not time to grip your investment. It just means not to freak out but also do not hoard your money. Any time the miser card shows up reversed, it is a good time to circulate money out into the world. It is a good time to spend money. Circulate some currency out into the world today. It will always come back to you.

How are you choosing to circulate money into the world?

Photo Credit: Robin Wood