Wealth Forecast: June 7th-13th

CARD OF THE WEEK: June 7th-13th- Eight of Wands

Things are moving quickly, so make sure that you are manifesting the things that you actually desire to create. Mind your mind. Mind your mouth.


JUNE 7: The Magician-
The Magician is the alchemist. He is the creator of his own reality. He ALWAYS shows up as the reminder that you already have everything you need to move forward. That is so important for us individually and as a collective. 

JUNE 8: The Hermit-
This is my birth card. This is the card of the spiritual teacher. This card also always indicates to us that we have all the answers inside of us. The hermit is the spiritualist who has everything he needs. If you are feeling the need to tap into a connection with a spiritual teacher or guide, this is the right time to do it. Only work with people who are continuing to guide you back internally to come into alignment with your highest and best!

JUNE 9: Three of Pentacles-
This is the card of getting something ready to go to market. We are literally preparing for the major astrological occurrence- the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini- happening tomorrow! As for anything you are working on in your career, this card is telling you that you are still in a preparation phase. It is saying slow down, make sure that everything is ready, and stay in preparation mode. 

JUNE 10: Ten of Wands, reversed-
We are releasing our burdens today. I love this card for the day of the solar/New Moon eclipse in Gemini. This is a major astrological event that’s happening this year that I believe is going to be one of the most important things we experience this year. It is a call and confirmation that we are able to release our burdens, that it is time to set down the burdens, that it is time to release the old identities. It is time to step into the new paradigm and release all the old ties that bind.

JUNE11: Ace of Pentacles, reversed-
This is one of the highest money cards in the deck. This is a new lucrative financial opportunity, but it is coming delayed. This card is saying that this opportunity is going to be there for you and you do not need to rush it. Remember, we are still in Mercury retrograde!

JUNE 12: King of Cups-
This is the card of being in a place of love and emotional stability. All is well, especially with our internal masculine or the masculine in our lives.

JUNE 13: Nine of Pentacles-
This is the card of complete female financial independence. This is by far one of my favorite cards in the deck. This is really showing us that the future is feminine. It is women that are going to lead us into this new paradigm. I think it’s really important that this card is coming up at this time as we’re moving into this transition. What we need to be carrying into the new paradigm is women in financial positions, making financial decisions, and embracing and honoring the Divine Feminine, especially in this area of wealth and well-being of the collective.

What are you releasing this week? What are you making room for?

Photo Credit: Robin Wood