Wealth Forecast: March

Wealth Forecast: March
Ace of Swords, Nine of Swords, Page of Wands reversed

For the first part of March, we have the Ace of Swords. This is about speaking your truth and making sure you are in integrity with your communication. It can also indicate new speaking engagements. It can also be about new opportunities to share your truth.

In mid-March is the Nine of Swords. That is the first quarter stuck energy of being in our head. This is mental energy- anguish and anxiety, but it is self-imposed. That is just the time we are in right now. It is the time of constriction. It is a time of deep introspection, but do not let yourself get caught up in the desperation of it. Yes, get into deep introspection, but do not allow yourself to get stuck in the anxiety and insecurities. That is not going to serve you.

For the end of March, we have the Page of Wands reversed. The Pages are messengers. They are also about planting seeds. You are likely to receive news about a passion project. You are likely to get inspired and coming up with ideas about passion projects.

But the Pages can also be about not paying attention to details, so make sure you are paying attention to details for sure.

Overall, the energy of this card is that there are going to be seeds being sown. You will be planting seeds for passion projects that will come to fruition, most likely in the third quarter. So by the end of March, we will be moving out of that energy of constriction and restriction.

How will it feel to finally be out of the constriction of first quarter?