Wealth Forecast: May 10th-16th

CARD OF THE WEEK- May 10th-16th: High Priestess
This card is all about listening to our intuition. We are going into a New Moon this week, so we are getting an incredible boost from that lunar magic this week! The High Priestess is reminding us to listen to and trust our intuition.
May 10th- Page of Swords
The Pages sow the seeds. This, again, is about communication. We have this Mercury in Gemini energy happening here. This card can be about gossip or issues over the internet with communication. So make sure that the seeds you are sowing this month are good seeds. Make sure that you are staying in integrity with the words you are putting out into the world. Remember, words are spell. When you are speaking and writing- you are spelling! So, be in integrity with your words and your spells today.
May 11th- Queen of Wands
This card is about stepping into feminine creativity in our purpose work. This is so beautiful! It signifies our ability to fully step into and embrace our purpose work, feminine communication, and feminine energy.
This card is a reminder that we have the ability to bring our goals and dreams to fruition and create the life we deeply desire. You get to create your opportunities and ability to do your purpose work in the world.
May 12th– Seven of Wands, reversed
Upright, this card is about standing up for our principles. Reversed, something is going on where you will feel like you cannot quite stand up for your principles. Remember today that you ALWAYS can do that; YOU create your reality…so stand up for yourself.
May 13th– Ten of Swords
This is the betrayal card. Jupiter is moving into Pisces for two months, so this means we are feeling betrayed. Likely, this has to do with communication. Just be aware of that today!
May 14th– Three of Pentacles
We have another money card today! This one is about getting something ready to take to market. This can be contracts. It could be new projects. Whatever we are working on today, it is going to be fruitful. Keep working hard on that thing today. Put the focus back on whatever project you are working on and shake off the feeling of betrayal from yesterday.
May 15th– Three of Swords, reversed
This card indicates we are no longer heartbroken. We may have had some feeling about the Ten of Swords earlier this week, but whatever feelings we have been having about it are no longer a thing. We are stepping out of that feeling of betrayal.
May 16th– Knight of Cups, reversed
Upright or reversed, this is one of the best cards in the deck. This is the card of getting your wish. The things that you are setting in motion on the New Moon in Taurus are coming to fruition. Reversed, this card means that your dreams are coming true…just delayed!

What dreams are you intending to come to fruition this week?

Photo Credit: Robin Wood