Wealth Forecast: May 1st-9th

CARD OF THE MONTH- Judgment, reversed

This card tends to make people a little bit nervous because they feel like potentially things aren’t going to go in their favor. Right side up, it typically means that whatever we have been dealing with, judgment IS going to come out in our favor. Reversed, it means that there is something we need to look at or focus on. It is potentially a warning about things to come, but it can just mean that we are working on is working out in our favor, but that outcome happens delayed.

CARD OF THE WEEK- May 1st-9th: Six of Wands

This is the card of ultimate victory. You always want this card to show up in your reading because it means that things are going really well. You are feeling victorious.

MAY 1st- Five of Swords, reversed
This is one of my least favorite cards in the deck…when it is upright! I love that it is reversed. This card has a guy who has won a battle; he is walking away with all the swords in a victory. Right side up, it means he has won the war but he is looking over his shoulder. He is doubting the victory, worried they are going to come back after him.

Reversed, it means that this is not the case. You have won the war AND you are not experiencing any low level anxiety or angst or worry. You are ready to move past issues, specifically when it comes to communication.

MAY 2nd- Knight of Wands

This card is about moving forward and getting messages about purpose and passion projects. The Knight of Wands is the energy of moving us forward with our purpose work. It is important to look for the messages about any projects you have going on regarding your purpose work today!

MAY 3rd- The Hanged Man, reversed

This card is about getting unstuck. This is also an incredible card to get in the reversed position. Yay for getting unstuck!

MAY 4th- Ten of Pentacles

This is one of the highest money cards in the deck- the inheritance card. This family is also a happy family. Here, we have a couple outside their beautiful house, a couple of dogs, a child with their grandfather; everyone just looks happy and healthy. A LOT of financial support comes when this card shows up in the right side up position.

MAY 5th- Ace of Pentacles

This is another high money card! This can be old money coming to fruition, but Aces are almost always about new lucrative financial opportunities coming in.

MAY 6th- Nine of Swords

This is about mental anguish. We are worried about something here as we are getting ready to go into this New Moon. Remember- Mercury has just entered into Gemini, so this is a clear warning about ensuring you are being clear in your communication and maintaining integrity with your word.

MAY 7th- Ten of Cups

This is the happy family card. The family has everything going right for it- spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and physically.

MAY 8th- King of Wands

This is about stepping fully into our purpose and passion. This is about embracing our purpose work.

MAY 9th- Eight of Swords, reversed

Upright, this means being stuck in patterns, sort of like a mental hamster wheel. Reversed, it means that we are moving out of that place of mental anguish and feeling stuck in our communication.

What are you celebrating this week?

Photo Credit: Robin Wood