Wealth Forecast: May 24th-31st

CARD OF THE WEEK- May 24th-31st: Justice
This is such a great card to have in a Mercury retrograde. When this card shows up, I always say to be careful with contracts. Upright, this means everything is going our way as long as we remain diligent in making sure that we are not signing contracts during Mercury retrograde, but that you are really going over everything with a fine-tooth comb and that you are listening to your intuition when it comes to communication.
May 24th- The Magician
This card indicates that we have all the tools we need to move forward. YOU are the magician. So you have all of the tools to move forward!
May 25th- The Tower, reversed
This card means that the worst is over. People totally freak out when the tower card is right side up because that usually means that shit’s about to hit the fan. Reversed, it means that most of the deconstruction, damage, and challenges that we have been facing is OVER. The worst has passed!
May 26th- King of Pentacles, reversed
Whether upright or reversed, this is a great card to get. Reversed, it just means that full financial support and stability are coming. We are going to be really financially supported moving forward in the second half of the year!
May 27th- Judgment
The theme of the month was Judgment, reversed; as of today, we have now righted it. Things are now going in our favor.
May 28th- The Star, reversed
Things are actually going in our favor, but we may not be feeling like the heavens are working for us. Today, remember that the heavens are ALWAYS working for us.
May 29th- Four of Swords
This is the card of healing. It is time for us to take a respite and heal. This is a perfect card to get during a Mercury retrograde because you are fully energetically supported to do that. Take the time to look at anything that is blocking your spiritual growth and expansion. You are energetically supported in going through that healing process.
May 30th– Six of Pentacles, reversed
This is the card of resources- time, energy, and money. Upright, this card means we are being fully resourced; we are able to be generous and charitable. Reversed, it means we are trying to figure out where to spend our most precious resources- our time, energy, and money. This Mercury retrograde supports this evaluation period, so make sure you do the thing!
The good news about this card showing up this way is that we have resources to spend; we are just trying to figure out where to spend them.
May 31st– Strength, reversed
We do not fully feel like we are in our true power. We are not quite feeling strong or like we have what it takes to move forward. The truth is that we actually always have the strength!

How can you set yourself up for success this week, knowing that things will be a bit unsettled?

Photo Credit: Robin Wood