Wealth is Your Birthright

From the time I had my spiritual reawakening, Wealth Repatterning has been at the top of my priority list. I have been obsessed with deconstructing my limiting beliefs and changing my money story.

I have always desired to be wealthy, and I have always wanted to be surrounded by luxury. A part of me has always just KNOWN that it’s my birthright.

I had a lot of success in corporate America and then with self-employment, but that success was always fleeting. I wasn’t able to acquire and accumulate wealth. I always came back to zero, and I wanted to know why that was.

Because I knew that I was smart, and I knew that I was talented, and I have always just known how to MAKE money. But I kept getting to the end of the month and not having money in my account. I kept struggling financially regardless of how much I was making, and I was fascinated about why that was.

The first step of this new wealth paradigm I have created for myself was going through The Spiral with its creator Dane Tomas and releasing the first layer of emotional conditioning. While I was going through The Spiral, I also was doing wealth resonance clearing with Dane. The result was that by the end of my first Spiral journey, I had stabilized my monthly 5 figure income. I had consistency for the first time in my coaching business.

But I still was ending up at zero at the end of the month.

Like I do most things in my life, I came at it from a place of curiosity. I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I knew there was another way. So I went through Spiral practitioner training, became a practitioner, and it was OFF TO THE EMOTIONAL CLEARING RACES. I was in full guinea pig mode. I was clearing everything I could around money, wealth, receiving, abundance, and prosperity.

I am divinely guided in all things, and this was no different. So from Source, I was continually asking for guidance about how to change my money story and shift my wealth paradigm. I would get these downloads around clears to do, and how to shift the stories and patterning. So I just cleared, and cleared, and cleared, and cleared.

I cleared maternal and paternal ancestral lines. I did root clears on everything under the sun, and probably 100+ statement clears.

Things began to shift.

Then I got the guidance to create Ouroboros. The initial download came that this work was going to shift the wealth paradigm of the planet, but I hadn’t done these clears on anyone but myself so I had no idea what was going to happen. I went through all the clears that had been the most impactful for me in my guinea pig phase and created Ouroboros.

It was one of those things that was so divinely led because I launched the program, and it sold out. I ended up overselling it; I took four more people into the program than I originally planned. But people wanted this work. They could feel it. They were called to it.

And the transformation and the changes were so much more significant than I ever could have anticipated. I was blown away by the shifts and mindset and belief changes that occurred throughout the program. And now that the first round is over, I’m just continuing to see these people uplevel, and uplevel, and uplevel. In the same way that it’s happening and has happened for me.

The thing that is so beautiful about THIS money work, in Ouroboros, is that it’s not like you clear, and then you uplevel, and then that’s it. The clearing that happens in this program enables you to continue to climb.

We aren’t seeing these vast ebbs and flows that we saw before. Because we are now in a constant state of “I am worthy” and “I am deserving” and “I know my value.”

Why? How? Because we cleared the programming and conditioning that was keeping us stuck in states of lack, scarcity, undeserving and unworthy. Now when things get rocky, and life ebbs and flows, as it does, we STAY in a place of feeling worthy, valuable, and deserving.

The ebbs get to be ebbs — not catastrophic events. Instead of bottoming out and staying buried in that place of despair, we get to just authentically experience ebbs and flows and keep showing up for ourselves.

The ability to keep showing up for ourselves is how we continually climb. It’s how we keep getting better.

This program was channeled through me. It is not of me. I did not make it up. It’s here to change the wealth paradigm. It’s here to change the collective consciousness of the spiritual community when it comes to entrepreneurship, being in business and being compensated for sharing our gifts.

And that’s absolutely what it’s doing.

I know I continue to feel more worthy and more deserving. I know I bring massive value to this planet. I clear, and I don’t just uplevel once. I get to continue to uplevel over and over and over again because I fully back myself and fully embracing my worthiness, deserving, and my value.

This program isn’t all rainbows and unicorns shitting glitter. It’s fucking hard.

There are people in the first round who quit 1/2 way through because they didn’t want to face the stuff they had to look at. Luckily they are back for Round II tondo the damn thing! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

This is deep diving, deeply introspective, emotional clearing- it’s looking at all the shit that’s rotting your foundation and ripping it out by the roots. This program is deconstructive in nature. This is hard work. It’s brutal. But it will change everything for you. It will transform the way you do business. It will transform the way you do entrepreneurship. It will transform your bank account.

But most of all, it will transform your life. Because in the end, you will feel worthy and deserving and valuable. You won’t question that anymore.