Weekly Forecast

WEEK 1: March 2-8

Page of Swords- Be sure you are being extra clear in your communication. Make sure you are clearing communicating your wants, needs, desires with people. Mind your mouth. Mind your mind. Make sure you are not gossiping. It will come back to bite you in the ass!

King of Cups, rev- This can indicate that we are upside down emotionally. It can also indicate that a man in your life is upside down emotionally. It feels like it is happening externally. So if there is a man in your life who is struggling emotionally mid-week, just know that it is planetary and energetic, and it will pass.

The Sun- This is the card for the weekend. This is the card of the ultimate yes. Everything is going amazingly, and it is going to be a very good weekend!

Where are you out of integrity in your communication?