Where is Your Focus Right Now?

I have a responsibility as a leader is to make sure that my mental status is that I’m okay and that I am not operating from scarcity and lack.

There was a time at the beginning of this fear pandemic where I was waking up every day feeling heavy, feeling shitty. One of the things that I have done is create a pure accountability group of 90 days of Joe Dispenza meditation to raise the collective consciousness of the planet.

I have not been in fear since this thing started, but I was definitely being affected by the collective consciousness. I do not fucking care if you are Gandhi or Buddha or Jesus Christ himself- it is impossible not to be affected by this fear pandemic that is gripping this planet right now.

NOW MORE THAN EVER it is vitally important that we be rigorously disciplined in our personal practices, meditation, journaling, exercise.

Whatever it is for you, you need to be rigorously disciplined out this time because that shit is affecting everyone.

For me, it was like I had to get myself to a place where I felt like I was minimally being affected by the collective before I started to come out and share. Part of what has been frustrating me is I see people flying off the handle, sharing fear propaganda because they are in a fear state. They have not taken the time to get centered, to fucking meditate, to journal, or to get their shit sorted out before they start sharing and creating this enormous fear ripple effect out into the world.

It is not appropriate for your leaders, your gurus, your spiritual teachers, the people that you are following to be perpetuating fear for them to be making you feel more afraid than you felt before you started listening to them.

It is impossible to be completely shielded from what’s going on in the world. But I will tell you something. You are going to do your immune system, your personal health, your security, your safety, and your stability a hell of a lot better putting some fucking blinders on.

Stop checking the Internet every five minutes for the latest update on how many people have coronavirus.

Stop checking the Internet every other minute for the latest update on how many people have died in your area.

What is it that you can do right now that is going to be productive to your self-mastery?
How can you advance yourself during this time?
How can you focus on the things that you have been putting off?