Why We Need Personal Practices…Especially Now

It is important to be disciplined in your personal practices. It is important to mind your mind.

We are such powerful beings. YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR. When you continue to buy into fear, and allow yourself to be controlled in that way, you are continually creating this pandemic.

Of course you shouldn’t pretend like this is happening. Of course, you should be educated. You should know what is going on.

But instead of buying everything, hook, line and sinker, question everything.

I feel like for me it is really important to keep my finger on the pulse of everything that is going on. So I know what is happening with the statistics. I know what is happening in the world. I take all of this pool of information, and I question everything.

Here is the important part. I do not believe anything that is being spoonfed to me. And I am not doing any of this from a place of obsession.

So when I go down those rabbit holes or when I begin to look out into those things, when I am finished, I get myself right. I do that through either journaling or meditation or doing emotional clearing. I do not just leave myself in that low vibrational state after doing research on all this fucked up shit that is happening in the world.

How different would it be if you…
…committed to a daily meditation practice?
…committed to a daily exercise program?
…started practicing self-mastery
…started looking at your nutrition?
…started doing those projects that you have been putting off for 20 years?
…began to manifest and create the life that you deeply desire while you have the time now that the earth has kind of come to a halt?

Doing those things, bettering yourself, minding your mind, and definitely minding your mouth, we would come out of this better than we went in.

You, as the powerful being you are, are shifting the collective right now. What personal practices are you committing to in order to create positive change?