“You are a Motherfucking Phoenix on Crack Rising From the Ashes”


Part of an actual birthday message from my bestie Kym a couple of years ago.

I have lived so much in the fire, I’m at home there. The intensity of the flames and the heat don’t phase me. In fact, I love their warmth on my skin. I AM the Phoenix, rising from the Fire into the Air…so it makes sense that Fire and Air are where I am most comfortable.

The Fire and the Air are my magic, they are the source of my gifts and the wisdom that I am here to share with the world.

The alchemical transmutation and transformation that I create happen in the Fire…assisted by the flame fanning properties of Air.

For my clients, this creates an assuredness that no matter how hot their Fire, I can be there. I can stand with them through it all, no matter how high the flames or how wild fire rages. The Fire destroys the programming and burns away the limiting beliefs, doubts and stories that no longer serve. And once it has all burned away, the Air helps them rise. It carries them to the life they deeply desire on a current of BELIEF and INTENTION.

I don’t Earth and Water well. Feeling and Humaning are difficult for me.

I often trigger people who are very grounded or embodied. I’m rarely in my body and I’m not often grounded. I live my life divinely guided and inspired and as a result I’m often existing in my upper chakras connecting with higher self and source.

I am matter-of-fact and direct and my bluntness often comes off insensitive or uncaring when in fact it’s the farthest thing from it. This is MY work for the rest of the year, consciously connecting to Earth and to my body.

I don’t know that I’ll ever Human well, but I’m working on getting better at feeling! The struggle is REAL.

Making these commitments to myself is scary. The Fire and Air are my fuel. They are my gifts. They are what help me fan YOUR flames of self-discovery. They are what help me cut to the core of you and hope you see the things you’ve kept buried or hidden. They are my vision.

But I know and I trust and I believe that I can harness all four elements.

For now…I will continue to bring all the Fire and the Air.

And all the intensity. While too much for some, others are being called because they KNOW they are ready to burn. Those that know the parts of themselves that are no longer serving will not leave gently. Those that know they need the strength and the vision of the Phoenix to shed the programming and limiting beliefs.

I don’t fear your darkness. I have met and integrated my own. No thought, feeling or action is too much for me. Bring me all you’ve got. Surrender it to the fire. I will hold you in the flames until you are ready to rise.

Money programming is intense. It’s not easily transmuted.


Ouroboros is not for the faint of heart. It is not a program for lightworkers looking to love and light their way to financial freedom. That program may exist out there, but this is NOT IT. This is the internal deep dive to the parts of your psyche and soul that you have not wanted to go. Where the deepest ingrained strongest programming exists and anchors us to our limiting beliefs, lack mentality and scarcity.

I’m asking you to be willing to stand in the Fire. Because on the other side of the Fire is flight. A freedom unlike anything you have ever imagined. I’m asking you to BECOME the Phoenix.

Some of what we will be covering in the 12-week intensive:

Maternal & Paternal Ancestral Line Clearing
Current Lifetime Clearing
Parallel Lifetime Clearing
Future Timeline Clearing
Mindset Repatterning
Deconstructing Collective Consciousness Programming

If you are truly ready to break free from the hold you have been allowing money to have over you and create a life where you are free to create, acquire and accumulate wealth this program is for you.

If you are ready to be free, for good of lack and scarcity mentality, this program is for you.

If you are ready to really, truly feel deserving and worthy of all that you desire AND MORE, this program is for you.

The Phoenix’s wings do not burn. The Fire fuels the flight.