You are Abundance

Abundance isn’t something you need to strive for. It is something you are. It simply needs to be activated.

Financial freedom isn’t something unattainable. You just need to wake up and realize it is your divine birthright.

The Divine is not this mythical thing outside of you. YOU ARE THE DIVINE.

Remembering which expression of The Divine you carry inside of you and sharing that unapologetically with the world is the key that unlocks your Heaven on Earth reality.

2020 is going to be a 22 Universal Year.

The year of The Master Bulider.

The Master Builder is the most skilled of tradesmen. He literally has the ability to turn the biggest, most far-reaching and loftiest goals into REALITY.

The 22 further breaks down into a 4.

The year of building solid, lasting foundations.

I am here to share the expression of The Divine with THE WORLD. I am ABUNDANCE.

I am the pure expression of Divine Abundance on this planet and my gift is unlocking the Abundance and Creation Matrix that already exists within you.

I am also here to imprint into your existing matrix new abundance coding that is just arriving on this planet.