You are the Chosen One


When I had my spiritual reawakening and started communicating daily and directly with The Divine, I DOUBTED MYSELF. I doubted my connection. I felt crazy. I thought I was losing it and making it all up.

The mean girl voice in my head was like “Who the fuck do you think you are that you get to have a direct connection to source!?!?!”

I didn’t think I was anything special. I was never religious. Only ever went to church a few times as a child when I would stay with my Grandparents and for a couple of months after some friends died in high school. I didn’t pray. I believed in a higher power…but I had no idea what or who it was. SO WHY WOULD THAT BEING OR POWER ALL OF A SUDDEN START TALKING TO ME?

I didn’t feel worthy.

I had always been an amazing manifestor. When I was directed by The Divine to star deep diving into, learning and studying manifestation, I was all about it. What I began to discover was a reconfirmation of what I already knew. I let myself be guided to the teachers and materials that were right to me. The guidance often didn’t make sense, but it always yielded HUGE results. I would be reading the words in whatever book, or listening to whatever wealth consciousness teacher or guru, and it was all just basically a confirmation of what my soul ALREADY knew.

It was then that I discovered that all the inner-work, learning, and discovery that we are doing is just REMEMBERING. It’s a reawakening.

So the healing modalities that you are called to, the training you may do, the certifications that you get are TOOLS. But they are not actually new to you. You are remembering what you always knew. You’re drawn to those things because you’ve worked with those principles and tools before in other lifetimes, in parallel lifetimes, in future timelines; it’s actually WHY you are drawn to them. At some level, you’re learning them in this lifetime, but it’s a soul level remembering.

And you are being directed to it by God/Source/Universe/The Divine.

You know it all innately. It’s all inside of you. You came here, to this planet, to share a gift that only you have. Each of us is meant to impact this planet in our own way. That is why we’re here.

And you may ask yourself, WHO AM I TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE? Who am I to be charged with impacting the planet.


Who are you NOT to!?!?!?

We are here to shine our lights, share our gifts, deliver our messages and impact, and change the world.

The more brightly we shine our lights, the more people are drawn to that light, and the more people receive the healing/knowledge/wisdom they need to reawaken. As we continue to shine and step further and further into our purpose, the more people we can help.

HERE is what I know to be true; the more I follow the divine guidance and don’t let my ego get in the way, the more impact I make. EVEN when it seems completely crazy the thing I’m being told to do, I do it, because I haven’t been steered wrong yet by Divine Guidance.

When I get into trouble, It’s when my EGO starts getting in the way with the “who are you to’s and what makes you think you are so special’s.”

I am divinely guided. You are too. To not take and follow that guidance is arrogant. It is selfish. And it is wildly negligent.

I am the Divine’s bitch. You have heard me say it dozens of times. When the Divine tells me to do something, I do it. I look at it like “who AM I to NOT follow the guidance.” The more I follow the guidance and take the inspired action, the more I am supported by The Divine. And the bigger the confirmations are that I am on the right track.

What I have learned is that the more that I lean into my purpose, the more financially supported I am. The more I follow the divine guidance and don’t let the ego mind get in the way, the more money I make. The more I trust that I am chosen and here to create a significant impact, the more people The Divine delivers to me TO IMPACT. Even when it doesn’t make sense, when I just do what I’m told, The Divine supports me.

All I need to do is stay in purpose and believe in the unbelievable and expect the unexplainable. And then I’m in line with what I’m supposed to be doing.

These realizations and getting to this place took a lot of ass-kickings. By both The Divine and myself! I’m the type of person who needs to be bitch slapped by The Divine regularly because I don’t listen to the gentle nudges. I’m the type of person that needs to be hit by a fucking Mack Truck before I start paying attention, especially when it’s something I don’t want to do or am in resistance to.

Which is why most of my clients want to work with me: because they’re also like me and I will call them out on their shit. And sometimes I can prevent them from getting hit by said Mack Truck. I’m able to help shift them on their course because they can learn from me; so I can sometimes save them some pain. Sometimes. Lol!!

You and me, we are destined to be world changers.

My purpose on this planet is to help you step you surrender to The Divine, step into your power, share your gifts and message and change the world.

I have basically thrown all the fucking “shoulds” out the window, and all the systems and all the structures I’ve been told to put in place. I am no longer following the rules about how business is supposed to be run.

Because I don’t have a business. I have a spiritual enterprise.
I’m not just an entrepreneur. I’m a special breed…a spiritual entrepreneur.
I am Divinely Guided.
I am gifted.
I am chosen.


Everything that you have been learning, you’re remembering. You came to this planet to make a difference. Are you ready to stop lollygagging around and start getting down to the business of changing the world?

You still aren’t sharing all of your message. You don’t own that you are the chosen one.

And most likely …it’s not working.

The reason is that you haven’t FULLY claimed your rightful place upon your throne. You are still feeling unworthy, not deserving…LIKE AN IMPOSTOR. And you are letting those doubts and fears creep into your messaging. How could you not, it has infested your energy like a plague.

So, you make a little money, have a little success, but you can’t quite seem to take it farther than that. Well…let me tell you right now, it’s not because you can’t. YOU CAN.

You have to. It’s your destiny.

You have been chosen.