You Cannot Build on a Rotting Foundation…

You cannot build a multi-million dollar mansion on top of a rotting foundation. All that will happen is that the walls will eventually crumble. To create a wealth paradigm shift, we have to excavate that foundation, get rid of that programming, and fully be awake to what is happening in the world, how we got here, and where we are now. It is important to have an understanding of the global financial agenda, why we are controlled in the way we are controlled, and how that benefits the global financial elite while negatively impacting us.⁣
When we do this, we actually take our power back. We remember that we actually have a choice and an opportunity to play inside the program instead of just being slaves to it. That is how we begin to find freedom. When we find freedom, we can manifest the lives we deeply desire, make the money we want, and cultivate the acquiring and accumulating wealth that we desire to have in our lives. ⁣
I love seeing the transformation that occurs and the change in people who come and invest their time, energy, and money to shift their wealth paradigm in this container because it is so empowering. It is just next-level. I love seeing the changes that happen for people. ⁣
Part of what happens as you deconstruct the programming and conditioning, you are fully able to embrace your purpose work and what you are here to do. Then, you start believing that you can be wildly financially supported in doing that work.⁣
THAT is when impact is made, and the world is changed.⁣
How has your dedication to wealth consciousness practices been lately? Could you buckle down even more?