You Don’t Have to Stay Put

The idea that we’re GREEDY for wanting something that we desire has been programmed and conditioned into us since we were children.

It is something that has been put in place to control us, to keep us playing small, to keep us in our place, to keep the caste system in place. This keeps us from achieving a higher status and striving for more. We keep the lower classes in the lower classes so the upper classes can continue to make all the money.

The message I am here to deliver to the world:

You don’t have to stay in your place.
You don’t have to stay in your class.

When we begin to look at this emotional conditioning and programming and see that it’s not true, that it is a man-made construct, and that it doesn’t actually have power over us, then we are able to shift.

You’re labeled GREEDY if you desire more than what you have.

Here’s why. If you can be kept in an internal moral struggle around money and finances, then you’re not going to reach for more. You’re not going to take your power back. You’re not going to realize that the entire system is just a bunch of bullshit designed to keep you small.

So how do we opt out of that noise?

Well, first of all, it’s a choice.

It’s a choice AND we also need tools to break apart the conditioning and programming. But a big part of it is education and just realizing that this programming has been created to control you.

Because the truth is that money is a neutral resource. The truth is money is an ally. The truth is that money is there to help support you and help you to achieve anything that your heart desires. THAT is the truth. It’s the truth as I know it to be anyway!

The moral struggle that is created around the word GREED is by programming a belief that “I’m a bad person for wanting more.”

Money is the root of all evil. Rich people are bad people. Rich people are greedy and selfish and only look out for themselves. All beliefs to keep poor people POOR. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE RICH?!?! Rich people are HORRIBLE!!!

But it’s all a facade. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Because at the end of the day, you can step in and take your power back. Especially when it comes to money and finances.

What are the laws of the Universe? If I believe I can have all I desire, I can. If my belief and intention is strong enough, the Universe actually has no choice but to respond and deliver that thing to me.

So how do you get to the place of BELIEVING that much?

You come and do the Wealth Alchemy work with me. We begin to deprogram your mind and clear your conditioning. You leave all of that old patterning behind and call in new patterning and beliefs. You do everything in our power to show up as the person you desire to be. The Universe has no choice but to respond and to respond quickly.

You make it so there is no other option.

It may sound super easy to make that happen. In some ways IT IS. But it does require really getting energetically behind your beliefs and intention and fully backing yourself. The truth is that in an instant you can fully buy into whatever you desire.

And the second you’re fully, all the way in, is when the thing you desire manifests.

So when you see people achieve great things that seem impossible, especially in short time frames, it’s this work they’re doing. They’re all in. There’s no other option for them to be wildly successful.

This is the part that’s really difficult though because the programming is so intense and so strong that we’ve literally been programmed since the second we took a breath on this planet.

It’s difficult to break it apart. It’s difficult to deprogram. But I believe that you don’t need this moral struggle around making or having more money than other people.

I truly believe that you should step into your divine right on this planet to be wealthy if you desire.

Want to know where to start?

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