You Get to Opt Out of the Program

Banks and credit reporting agencies are some of the most powerful policers to keep us in financial slavery. Financial institutions have an excessive amount of control through the leasing and purchasing vehicles, mortgages, and ultimately financing your life with an extremely high interest rate. ⁣

We live in a state of financial slavery. It is done on purpose. This does not mean you do not finance things. This does not mean you do not pay to play within the system. But in understanding the system, in understanding that you have been living in financial slavery, you get to make those decisions more consciously. ⁣

You get to opt-out of that program. ⁣

So that when you do pay to play in that system, you do it with a knowing. You are truly free when you understand that you have been programmed. It is only when you reach that understanding that you can choose to opt out of the program and play at will. ⁣

Visualize hitting “unsubscribe” on that programming. Hit that delete button!