You Have a Right to Luxury

Your divine inheritance is not to live in slavery consciousness in any way. That is not why your creator sent you to this planet. That is not the true vibration you are meant to receive during your inhabitants here on this planet. It is a lie, a construct, a program. ⁣

You have the freedom and the choice to opt-out of and DELETE the program. As long as we operate within the program, we cannot achieve our infinite potential. It is tough to do our purpose work and share your message operating inside of a program of slavery consciousness.⁣

It is my right to live in luxury. It is my right to live in the way I was meant to on this planet. That does require me to play WITHIN the program. I get to decide to play inside the program and use the program to my advantage. For example, I might choose to enter into debt for a specific thing that I desire to invest in.⁣

But that does not require me to live in slavery consciousness or be at the mercy of the program. ⁣

What would it mean for you to play within the program? Journal it out!