You Make Your Own Rules

In my business, there are some months that I may be very focused on the money goal. I look at my numbers of what I made the previous week and what I’m projected to make the upcoming week at my staff meetings.
For the most part, it is just information. I have made $40,000 in the span of a couple of days before.

Because I know I can create whatever I desire with the snap of my fingers.

So I get that information, and I just hold it with detachment.

When I say detachment, I am still letting my energetic field know that I am not available for anything less than my safety, stability, and security number. I just expect the Universe to deliver it to me.

You make the rules. There are no right or wrong rules.

It is all about what you are energetically aligned with.

I believe anyone can instantly manifest anything they want as long as you are energetically behind it and backing it.

How would your life change if you realized that you made your own rules?