Your Message is Important


I am here to activate the changemakers. I am here to activate the people on the planet who are meant to heal the planet. To do that, I need to be a sovereign ruler of my own kingdom. I need to protect and hold the vision of the kingdom. I need to be vigilant in my focus on the vision of the kingdom.

For so many of the people who are here to create change in the world, that is the part that they are missing. They lack the commitment to holding the vision, get sidetracked, or allow the fear and doubt monster to pop up.

My program REIGN has been met with opposition by some of the people in the spiritual space. That is because it is quite confrontational to own your King and Queen energy. It is even more confrontational to integrate that energy and claim your throne. To own your space and stake your claim in your field.

But now IS the time for you to fully own your purpose and be the sovereign ruler of your kingdom. NOTHING should stand in the way of you sharing your gift with the world. Nothing else matters. It does not matter if you feel like doing the work. The divine has charged you with sharing this gift.

The reason that REIGN is important NOW is because NOW is the time for healers to step fully into their purpose. I am here to help you find the map to where you are meant to be going. I am here to help you find, rediscover, and remember your vision so YOU can fully step into owning your King and Queen energy.

How committed are you to showing up fully for yourself RIGHT NOW? How ready are you to finally shift out of the limbo-land of mediocrity and fully own your royalty and claim your destiny?

Because like any of my high-level programs, this program isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to require COMMITMENT. Working with me at this level requires a deep commitment to looking at your inner landscape and brutal honesty about what is working and what is NOT working. It requires a willingness to change the things that aren’t working, no matter how uncomfortable that might be. And if you aren’t there yet if you aren’t quite ready to stop settling for anything less than the THRONE, that’s okay.

But know this- the stories you are telling yourself about why you can’t do it now, why you need to wait for this thing to be in perfect alignment or that thing to be in perfect alignment are just that- stories. They have power because you give them power. They aren’t real, and they aren’t true. The only thing holding you back right now is YOU. The time is NOW.


Will you OWN YOUR ROYALTY and claim your throne?