Your Own Personal Energy Signature is UNIQUE!

Abracadabra means “as I speak, I create.” For me, I take it a step farther. What it means to me is in three parts: as I speak, I create; as I write, I create; as I think, I create. I believe that writing and thinking are just as powerful when it comes to abracadabra- creating your reality and creating your destiny.

As I began my magical practices, I was adamant that those who were working with me knew about protection magic and did it. That is because I was beginning to recognize and realize the power of our thoughts, words, actions, and writing. I realized how easily we cast upon ourselves and others.

I am calling on you to take this very seriously- this concept of abracadabra. Realize that you are responsible for your energy. Mind your own energy. But you cannot do that if you do not know what it is or what it feels like.

We are so often focused outward in calling things in that we do not often focus inward enough and get a full realization of what our own energy feels like. Instead of being fully in the body and fully in our own energy, we are in our head and receiving outside influence/hexes/curses so we can be in a state of confusion.

So the most important thing is for you to get a handle on what your personal energy feels like. What is your energy signature? How does it feel in your body? When you truly know what your energy feels like, you are instantly going to know when something is off. You are going to know when something has entered your energetic field that is not yours and is not right.

I encourage you to spend a few moments every day feeling into what your personal energy feels like so that you know what that vibration and frequency are. I think this is best done when you first wake up because you are in a pure energetic state when you first wake up in the morning.

How does knowing what your own unique energy signature feels like impact how you interpret outside stimuli?